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Angela Celentano 

Angela Celentano's personal data

  • Age: 3 years (when abducted)
  • Date of Birth: 11 june 1993
  • Height: 1 m (when abducted)
  • Eyes: chestnut-brown
  • Hair: brown
  • Complexion: olive-skinned
  • Marks: coffee-coloured mole (at the time of disppearance, the size of a coffee-bean) on right side of back
  • Disappeared from: Monte Faito (near Naples, Italy)
  • Data della scomparsa: 10 August 1996

Angela Celentano / Celeste Ruiz Tellez

Angela Celentano / Celeste Ruiz Tellez

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Ultime novità

Ci teniamo a far sapere ai nostri sostenitori le ultime notizie per quanto riguarda le ricerche in Messico. Come già avete appreso nei giorni scorsi, le ricerche non si sono mai fermate,... »

The History

Angela's disappearance recounted by her parents, the story of the day, tha last moments, the first searches... »

Angela durante i suoi primi tre anni

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Angela Ris 2005Angela Ris 2005

How you could look now 

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angela celentano